Aki Aunala

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Web pagehttps://jyu.academia.edu/AAunala

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General description

I am preparing a doctoral thesis on the conceptual construction of Soviet power in Russian Karelia during the years 1918-1922. I approach the research using conceptual-historical methods, where the primary research material consists of Finnish and Russian-language printed materials from the era, such as newspapers and flyers.

I have a broad interest in the political history of Soviet Russia, the Soviet Union, and Russian Karelia, especially before the Second World War. Specifically, I have focused on political discourse, concepts, and ideological perspectives to analyze my research topic. A central aspect of my research is how people act amid crises and wars in a conflicting information environment.

In addition to historical studies, I feel a close affinity to disciplines such as sociology, ethnology, social sciences, as well as language and communication sciences.

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Research interests

The goal of my PhD project "The Battle for Soul: Soviet propaganda in Russian Karelia between 1918 and 1922" is to research printed Soviet propaganda in Russian Karelia between 1918 and 1922.

The main question is how the Bolsheviks tried to persuade the local population, the Karelians, to support their aims, and what their initial methods were. In the core of research there are two different languages (Russian and Finnish), their rhetorical differences and most-used concepts, and the political discourses the Bolsheviks created while legitimating their reign.

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propaganda; communism; Karelia; Karelians; Russia; Soviet Union; revolution; civil war; language; concepts; rhetoric; newspapers, leaflets

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