Antti Eloranta


My research and teaching focuses on structure and functioning of aquatic food webs, ecological interactions within and among fish populations, and advanced research methods (e.g. stable isotope, space-for-time, and allometric trophic network models) to study these topics.

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My research focuses on natural variation in (e.g. climate and lake morphometry) and human impacts (e.g. non-native species, hydropower operations) on food webs and fish populations in lakes and rivers. Besides salmonid fishes and aquatic food webs, I have worked on mapping and restoration of migrations barriers (e.g. road culverts and old dams) in river networks in Norway and central Finland. Overall, I have several ongoing and planned projects with fish ecologists in Norway, Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Canada and Czech Republic.



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aquatic sciences; freshwater; lake ecosystem; food web; subarctic; alpine; stable isotope analysis; salmonid; trophic interaction; human stressors; hydropower; invasive species; migration barrier

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