Tatu Kumpulainen

Henkilökunnan yhteystiedot saatavilla yliopiston yhteystietohausta.

ORCID-linkki: http://orcid.org/0000-0001-9469-9294

Tutkija-ID (ResearcherID): B-7296-2011

Aktiiviset JYU-affiliaatiot


My research focuses on studying interactions between light and molecules. More specifically, I investigate photochemical and photophysical processes and properties or small organic molecules. Many of my research projects are related to excited-state acids, compounds that become extremely strong acids upon excitation by visible or ultraviolet light.


Omat asiasanat

Photochemistry, photophysics, time-resolved spectroscopy, fluorescence, absorption, photoacids, dyes, pKa, excited-state proton transfer

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