Nerea Abrego Antia

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I am an ecologist broadly interested in community ecology, especially in linking general theory to empirical research. My research therefore focuses on understanding how species-rich communities are structured across temporal, spatial and environmental gradients. For this, I mostly use fungi as model system, but I am also interested in any other species-rich taxonomical group. An important part of my research is devoted to resolving methodological challenges that come along with data on (species-rich) ecological communities. In particular, I am interested in developing empirical methods for efficiently acquiring community data (e.g., novel experimental approaches and semi-automated data collection methodologies), and statistical methods for efficiently analyzing such data (e.g., joint species distribution modelling (JSDM)). Currently I am an Academy Research Fellow at the Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences at JY, and I am a leader of the Predictive Community Ecology (PredCom) research group.

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