Päivi Kananen

General description

I have a extensive experience in higher education and adult education. I have worked in various national and international working groups, development projects and in-service programmes as a project manager, researcher and an expert. I have worked on the field of continuing Professional education more than eighteen years. Currently, I work in the FORTHEM alliance as Skills and Competences Mission Board manager.

In addition, I have trained and mentored professionals and international students both face-to-face and online using different web based solutions.  During my working years, I have built and produced more than 50 online courses for different online platforms and 5 Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). Previously, while working as a programme director, I coordinated and built the MBA programme on Educational Leadership (blended programme) at the Institute of Educational Leadership, on the basis of which the Master of Educational Management and Leadership online programme I led was constructed. 

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