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“My main research project is 'The role of physical activity in healthy behavior'”- study project. It is a part of the Cardiovascular Risk in Young Finns Study, that is one of the largest follow-up studies from childhood to adulthood in the world. The objective of the physical activity project, founder by Ministry of Education and Culture for 2015-2018, with post doctoral student Kasper Salin, doctoral studet Irinja Lounassalo and senior lecturer, PhD Sanna Palomäki is to examine whether childhood physical activity history predicts other health-protective behaviors; healthy diet, reasonable alcohol consumption, non-smoking and adequate sleeping in young and mid-adulthood.

Promotion of childrens' physical activity, sport and wellbeing are the subject of my research, which are integrated to The Finnish Schools on the Move -programme with Likes Research Center and with KIHU- the Research Institute for Olymbic Sports. Doctoral student Henna Haapala, Mari Kääpä and Joni Kuokkanen are doing their theses in these themes. My doctoral student Antti Äikäs's research examines 'the effectiveness of a multiyear health promotion program in an occupational real-world setting' and Henry Lipponen's 'older physical education teachers' job satisfaction and work ability' with qualitative methods.

Physical education at schools, curriculum development and Physical Education Teacher Education (PETE) programme’s research and development projects are the main daily work with collegues in our Faculty, especially with Prof. Pilvikki Heikinaro-Johansson and senior lectures Sanna Palomäki and Terhi Huovinen.

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