Olli Rosenqvist

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I am a human geographer interested in understanding the lives of diverse human beings. A human being lives in what can be called a hermeneutical space. She/he conceptualizes, perceives and lives in space in her/his own specific way. The hermeneutical space consists of a mixture of literal/geographical and figurative/abstract spaces. To understand the life of human beings it is essential to analyse this mixture. Understanding the lives of human beings gives us a justifiable ground to make recommendations on the development of communities, regions and societies.

During my career I have acquired experiences of leading and managing scientific research, of gathering complementary funding for research, of the universities’ third mission activities, of international activities, and of scientific expert tasks, such as pre‐examinations of dissertations, peer review activities, and memberships of editorial boards of scientific journals. In my research I have applied both qualitative and quantitative research methods. I'm familiar, for example, with interview studies, surveys, and statistical and cartographic research.

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