Sonja Niiranen

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Research interests

Technology-oriented fields are still largely male-dominated, and an effective approach for increasing the number of women in natural science and technology careers has not yet been achieved in EU countries. A related concern, particularly in Finland, is that even though gender equality and non-discrimination have long been critical concerns in Finnish education to date there has been a lack of research about girls’ attitudes towards or motivations for studying technical craft or pursuing technology education, and about their career aspirations in this field. My aim is to contribute to the concern of getting more women into technology by investigating how to increase girls’ access to and interest in technology education in basic education, and to add to our understanding of what affects women’s interests in entering technology-related careers in Finland. Technical craft and technology education should be developed with an eye towards gender-sensitive learning experiences and pupils should be offered the support and encouragement needed to experience new learning habits. Technology education is important as it can develop students’ skills in a variety of ways. It also raises awareness of the various dimensions of technology, including technological literacy, and also enhances creativity and innovation. Technology education has the potential to foster pupils’ technological literacy in ways that respond equitably to human needs now and into the future.


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