Panu Moilanen

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I am a senior lecturer and degree programme manager for the Security and Strategic Analysis Master's programme at the Faculty of Information Technology. I have a D.Sc. in economics and a master's degree in sport sciences, in addition to which I am preparing my second dissertation at the National Defence University in military sociology. My teaching and research themes are the role of technology as part of the security of today's increasingly complex societies, information influence and warfare, cybersecurity and resilience. I am also active within the university community, and I am, e.g. Vice Chair of the University Collegium, a member of the Faculty Council of our Faculty, and a member of the Information Security Development Group.

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Research interests

At the moment, the focus of my teaching and research is on technology and security. I am interested in influence operations and information warfare, cognitive and ontological security, resilience and hybrid influence. My research makes it possible to understand modern societies, which are always more dependent on information technology and its applications.

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