Mika Haapanen

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Mika Haapanen, an Associate Professor, obtained his doctoral degree in Economics in 2003. He has visited several institutions, including the University College Dublin, Ireland, in 2017, and the University of Cambridge, UK, in 2009-2010. In addition, he holds the title of docent (an adjunct professorship) at the University of Tampere.

Currently, Haapanen serves as the vice-dean for research and innovation (2022-2025) at JSBE. He is also the chair of the faculty research committee and teaches courses in economics of education and advanced microeconomics.

Haapanen's research has been published in several journals, including American Journal of Health Economics, Oxford Economic Papers, Labour Economics, Journal of Human Capital, Journal of Population Economics, Regional Studies, and Journal of Regional Science.

He is an associate editor for Regional Studies and Regional Science and has acted as a reviewer for several journals, including Economics of Education Review, Economics of Transition, Education Economics, International Tax and Public Finance, Journal of Human Resources, Journal of Regional Science, Regional Studies, and Research Policy.

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Research interests

Haapanen's primary research interests include economics of education, labor economics, health economics, and regional economics. He applies microeconometrics to questions related to education, labor migration, and mental health. Currently, Haapanen is leading a research project on "Education and Mental Health."

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economics of education; labour economics; regional economics; empirical microeconomics; education; returns to education; health; labour markets; labour migration;

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