Juhana Toivanen

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I am currently working as a Senior Lecturer in Philosophy, and my AOS is history of philosophy, especially philosophy of mind, political philosophy, and virtue ethics.

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My main field of interest is history of philosophy, especially philosophical psychology, political philosophy, and ethics. My publications pertain to historical views of psychological processes that are common to human beings and other animals—perception, imagination, memory and the like—and to medieval theories of self-awareness, and the embodied mind. I have also studied psychological, metaphysical, and normative dimensions of the concept of ‘political animal’ in medieval and renaissance philosophy, especially in commentaries on Aristotle's Politics written between 1250 and 1600. My aim has been to chart the philosophical transformations that brought about a new way of understanding the political and social nature of human beings during this period.

My current research focuses on ethics and moral psychology, especially from the perspective of moral vice, as I am acting as the PI of an Academy of Finland research project Vicious, Antisocial, and Sinful. The project investigates the social and political dimension of moral vices from medieval to the early modern period, and my research in the context of the project analyses especially medeival theories of vicious behaviour. I also aim to chart the possibility of applying historical insights to contemporary virtue ethics.

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