Lauri Frank

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My research interests are in Omnichannel Consumer Behaviour and Digital Services, Technology Adoption and Diffusion, e-Commerce, Digital Wellness and Digital Coaching. I am experienced in quantitative and qualitative Research. Related to my research areas, I am actively cooperating with industry partners, and have carried out several large research projects in cooperation with the industry.

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Research interests

My research has concentrated on increasing the understanding of consumer behavior related to digital services, and based on this increased understanding, on building efficient digital business models.
The most recent research projects that I have led have researched consumer behavior in ecommerce (TRIP project) and in the omnichannel environment (Dawn_CI project). In omnichannel retail the digital and physical channel contents are intertwining, which generates research topics, related, for example to showrooming behavior. In a world of increasingly intertwining digital and physical services, I am especially interested in the adoption, diffusion and use of digital services in retail as well as wellbeing contexts.

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Consumer Behaviour; Customer Experience; Digital Services Adoption; e-Commerce; Digital Coaching

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