Katja Mäntylä

No active affiliation

Previous or other affiliations

Katja Mäntylä, Department of Language and Communication Studies (University of Jyväskylä), Senior Lecturer

Research interests

My research concerns language learning and teaching. This line of research is important for developing teaching materials, curricula and methods of learning and teaching. It also helps in understanding the significance of language skills for an individual language user as well as communities.

Projects as Principal investigator

Monessa kielessä monella tavalla - näkök
Finnish National Agency for Education
Varhaista kielenoppimista kaikkialla - miksi ja miten
Finnish National Agency for Education

Projects as Team Member

Håll med i svängarna - på svenska! Vauhdissa mukana - ruotsiksi!
Kajander, Kati
Svenska Kulturfonden
Kieliä kaikille!
Skinnari, Kristiina
Finnish National Agency for Education
Language pedagogy developmental project: An innovative language pedagogy map and compass
Moate, Josephine
Ministry of Education and Culture


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