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Postdoctoral Researcher, JYU, Dept. of Psychology, Jyväskylä, Finland, Group of docents Markku Penttonen & Miriam Nokia. Studying hippocampal neurophysiology and memory processes, especially targeting dentate gyrus using AAV-vector and Ca2+-imaging in vivo. My interest is especially connect this line of research with physical activity and exercise training. I have expertise in experimental neuroscience, but also exercise physiology, pharmacology, and toxicology (PhD in toxicology).

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Research interests

My research interests are in neurobiology and metabolism, and especially studying how physical activity affects brain health, memory, and cognitive skills. More precicely, I am studying how training, physical activity, or (inherited) aerobic running capacity links with inflammation, neurogenesis, and cellular activity in hippocampus, and are these factors associated with behavioral output and cognitive skills. Currently I am involved in studying the cellular activity involved in memory processing in hippocampus, using novel (Ca2+) in vivo techniques for imaging. We also conitnue studying the links between gut microbes, brain health, physical activity, and learning. I am also interested in the development of an individual, how early life stressors or factors like physical activity - or lack of it -affect the later outcome (the phenotype and disease risk factors) at adulthood.

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Gut microbiota, GM, Fecal microbial transplantation, FMT, Physical activity, PA, rat, brain development, metabolism, neurogenesis, neurotransmitters

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