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I am University Researcher in the Dept. of Psychology, University of Jyväskylä, Finland. I have expertise in experimental neuroscience, but have also years of research experience in health sciences, exercise physiology, pharmacology, and toxicology (PhD in toxicology, Title of Docent in Exercise Physiology, Biological Health Effects of Exercise).

I am currently working in the research project funded by the Research Council of Finland. The project is led by Assoc. Prof. Miriam Nokia (JYU, Jyväskylä) and Prof. Olli Gröhn (UEF, Kuopio), and it started 09/2023. We are studying hippocampal neurophysiology and memory processes, especially the role of dentate gyrus and autonomic nervous system. We are interested in brain processes occurring during sleep, namely neuronal activity during slow-wave sleep. To study this, we will utilize deep brain electrophysiological measurements and magnetic resonance imaging (in vivo). In our facilities we can utilize also novel imaging technologies to collect brain activity data, by live-imaging of e.g. the brain cellular activity or blood circulation. For that we can utilize various fluorescent indicators which can be carried into the target area of the brain with the help of viral vectors (in vivo). My interest is especially connect this line of research with physical activity and health related topics, and find the dose-responsive effects of physical activity on sleep, cognition, and brain health.

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My research interests are in neurobiology and metabolism, and especially studying how bodily functions, and e.g. physical activity affect brain health, memory, and cognitive skills. I have been studying how training, physical activity, or (inherited) aerobic running capacity links with inflammation, neurogenesis, and cellular activity in hippocampus, and how these factors are associated with behavioral output and cognitive skills. Currently I am involved in studying the sleep, autonomous nervous system and cellular activity in memory processing. We also continue studying the links between brain health, metabolism, gut microbes, physical activity, and learning in the course of life.

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brain, brain research, learning, memory, metabolism, neurogenesis, Gut microbiota, GM, Fecal microbial transplantation, FMT, Physical activity, PA

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