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I am a professor of social work (Ph.D. of social sciences) and head of the Unit of Social Sciences Unit at Kokkola University Center Chydenius. The focus of my teaching is doctoral studies in social work. In research,  I am responsible for leading research projects, in which we collaborate with the public welfare regions, non-governmental organizations, and international research networks. My scientific expertise generally concerns the discipline of social work and welfare services, and in particular the so-called ecosocially sustainable transition and adult social work research.

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Research interests

Ecosocial social work research produces information about the importance of the environment in social work and the role of social work in sustainable transition. I hope that my research utilizes the practice of social work and the search for solutions for a sustainable transition in transdisciplinary research and policy. In addition, I am involved in knowledde production about the impact of adult social work methods and the boundary conditions for service user participation. I am especially interested in community-based and nature-based methods and the issues of inclusion of the most disadvantaged people. I am involved in the JYU.Well and JYU.Wisdom research communities of the University of Jyväskylä.

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