Pauliina Salmi

General description

I am a researcher-group leader, and I am interested in remote sensing and technological applications in monitoring and protecting natural resources. I am also interested in teaching and mentoring, as they are key factors in the formation of new innovations and expertise.

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Research interests

My research focuses on the application of computational methods in remote sensing and innovative biotechnology processes. With the help of modern sensorics, comprehensive, real-time information about the environment and biotechnology processes can be obtained. However, we need robust and reliable models for solving nonlinear inverse problems and making predictions.

The direction of digital environmental research is supported by simultaneous development of hardware and computational algorithms. At the same time, the sources of variation in the ground truth must be controllable. In addition to utilizing digital technologies and artificial intelligence models, we conduct field and experimental research and make extensive use of analytical methods, including imaging techniques from the microscopic level to Earth orbit.

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