Armi Mustosmäki

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Research interests

I have two broad main areas of research interest:

Currently I am working on my post doctoral project "Complaining mothers: Affect, Moral and Politics of Medicalisation" funded by Kone foundation. This research focuses on negative and forbidden emotions of mothers, especially regretting motherhood as well as public response to 'maternal complaint'. This research will turn to affect theories to study these cultural anxieties and deep discomfort in and around mothering.

My previous research has focused on changing work life, especially from comparative perspective focusing on Nordic working life model. I have participated in several projects and studied e.g. Nordic corporatism and gender equality policies, changing organisation of work in public and private sector organisations, lean management, and reconciliation of work and family.

Occasionally, I also act as independent expert doing commissioned work on platform work and gender equality for organisations such the European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE) and European Commission.

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Personal keywords

gender; affect; emotion; parenting culture studies; motherhood; qualitative methods; social media analysis; working life studies; gender equality; work-family policies

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