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I work at Skilled kids and Active family research projects at the university of Jyväskylä. I'm doing my PhD thesis about Skilled kids and perception of motor competence. Skilled kids’ data was collected around Finland during the years 2015-2016. Over 1200 families participated in the study. The children involved were attending to childcare centres and were 3 to 7-years old.

The aim of Skilled Kids -project is to investigate 3-7-years old children's motor competence (MC) in relationship to intrinsic factors, including biological and physiological factors such as the child's body composition, self-reported physical activity (PA), and psychosocial factors, such as the child's perception of motor competence (PMC) and temperament. The study will also investigate MC in relationship to extrinsic factors such as the child's daily social environment, including home and preschool settings. MC and PA have positive connections to cognitive functions, academic achievement and better health issues and weight status. Through this study, it is possible to understand children's MC and PMC levels in Finnish childcare centres. The results can provide material that helps early educators to focus on difficulties what children might have in their MC. Additionally, the research provides novel information about young children’s PMC in Finland. In addition, it is possible to inform parents on how enhance child's MC and PA levels taking account child’s personal characteristics.

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Skilled kids; Active family; children; perception of motor competence; perceived motor competence; TGMD-3; KTK; PMSC; IPAQ; physical activity; temperament

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