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In January 2018 I started as the Dean of the Faculty of Information Technology at University of Jyväskylä. Earlier I lead three years the Agora Center research institute, whose mission was to develop human-centered solution to "wicked problems"; those challenges in life and society that are particularly complex, multi-faceted, and require creative approaches.

In the industry I have lead R&D at Honeywell Industrial Control and worked on AI research at Nokia Research Center. Later on, aside my academic work I have helped enterprises from startups to incumbent in ict and business development.

With enterprise background my research topics and publications span a wide spectrum from core information systems (EJIS, IST, ISF) to engineering (IEEE Software, DSS) and economics (JIM, JIE, EBR, JBS). My main academic interests have been software business in context of cloud, IoT, smart cities and vertical industries as well as areas of digital media, especially digital rights management and enterprise content management during my early academic days.

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Information technology power rises and cost decreases. We research how enterprises, ecosystems and experimentation platforms can be economical and agile in developing and using services, content and software, especially in new domains, such as cloud, IoT and smart city.

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