Reija Häkkinen

General description

Reija Häkkinen works in the University of Jyväskylä's Student and Academic services -unit as a career expert. Her area of responsibility is mainly student-related entrepreneurship issues. He works in EduFutura cooperation together with JAMK and Gradia's entrepreneurship educators, coaching and developing EduFutura's entrepreneurship courses, DreamUp event production course, Unelmat+Inspiration! and Create your own summer job. Reija also coaches at JYU's Tiimi&Työnantaja and Team&Client study courses and, upon request, gives lectures to faculties about entrepreneurial mindset and entrepreneurial paths in Jyväskylä. Reija is also involved in the Startup Factory cooperation from the university side and serves as the chairman of the Startup Factory educational incubator team in the "Idea to Business" and "Business Coaching" -courses. Reija works in FORTHEM cooperation, responsible for matters related to entrepreneurship, volunteering projects and internships together with other FORTHEM colleagues. Reija is involved in the joint UNITeD project of research and innovation services, the purpose of which is to develop entrepreneurship and innovation at partner universities. Reija is also involved in the steering groups of the Lookout and Talent Boost projects.

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Research interests

M.Sc. Häkkinen studies effectuation in organization as intrapreneurial efforts of employees and organizational renewal through employee actions.

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Effectuation; entrepreneurial mindset; creativity; teamwork

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