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My expertise lies within electrochemistry, electrocatalysis, and heterogeneous catalysis. I am interested in green chemistry for energy conversion/storage and valorization of e.g. biowaste; some examples are electrocatalytic hydrogen production and CO2 conversion, the oxygen reduction reaction in fuel cells, and glycerol oxidation to valueable chemicals. Besides applications in green processes, I study and developed computational/theoretical methods for understanding and predicting electrochemical and electrocatalytic reactions from the atomic scale. I have for instance developed constant potential density functional theoretical methods and rate theory to model electrochemical systems under constant potenital conditions, model Hamiltonian approaches for qualitative understanding, and multiscale methods for predicting electrochemical behavior from atoms to reactors.

I am currently an Academy of Finland Research Fellow at the Department of Chemistry and the Nanoscience Center. I also hold a docenture (Adjunt professorship) in physical electrochemistry.

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