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My dissertation project looks at the cultural (dis) involvement of the Russian immigrants in Finland and Latvia. More specifically, I study how they sustain ties to their original home country, and how they develop (or fail to develop) ties to their new destination culture, taking into consideration the media and language they use. Research is conducted in two countries of the Baltic Sea Region: Finland and Latvia.

In light of this project above, currently, I am also analyzing the Russian language media landscape in Finland and Latvia with emphasis on the historical development and the current potential.

This study is first of its kind in doing a cross-cultural comparison of the acculturation phenomena within these specific contextual and geographic variations using a mixed-method approach. The study relies on advanced bidimensional models of acculturation that integrate and reinterpret existing indices of involvement with origin and destination cultures (Berry 2003, 2005; Carlson and Guler, 2018). In addition to theoretical considerations, the study has societal relevance in advancing our understanding of a neglected demographic and a key societal phenomenon having an impact on our societies.

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