QCD Matter in Extreme Conditions (Academy Research Fellows funding for research costs)

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Funder's project number: 346567

Funds granted by main funder (€)

  • 240 000,00

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Project start date: 01/09/2021

Project end date: 31/12/2024


In this theoretical physics project the structure of nuclear matter is studied at extremely large densities, reached in current and near- future collider experiments. We study high energy scattering processes that probe the nuclear structure in the region where densities are as high as allowed in the Nature, as non linear quantum field theoretical phenomena limit the growth of the densities at these energies. As a result of this project, we quantify by means of rigorous theoretical calculations and phenomenological applications the properties of this extremely dense state of nuclear matter and determine if it is achieved in current collider experiments. We also prepare for the new era of high energy nuclear and particle physics that begins at the end of 2020s when a new Electron-Ion Collider is constructed in the US.

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