Individual physical activity profiling in older adults - a multidimensional approach

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Project start date01/09/2021

Project end date28/02/2023


Insufficient physical activity has been identified as a pandemic and the fourth leading cause of death
worldwide. Yet, we do not have valid and sustainable criteria to diagnose insufficiency. The current
dichotomised classification of physical activity as merely sufficient or insufficient is especially unsuitable for
population groups with functional disabilities, such as older adults. In this study we will utilize wearable
sensors to examine multiple dimensions of physical activity – intensity, duration, and frequency – relative to
individual physical capacity and fatigability.

We will use a unique observational dataset from a population-based study for 75, 80 or 85 year old adults,
who have worn two wearable sensors simultaneously to record free-living movement and electrocardiography.
We will calibrate movement and heart rate data to individual physical capacity and analyse heart rate
variability as an indicator of fatigue resulting from physical activity. The work will redefine physical activity as a
measure of health-enhancing behaviour relative to individual physical capacity, which makes it achievable for

We will enhance measurement of physical activity in scientific research by making our method publicly
available and free to use for other research groups. We will gain new information about the feasibility of heart
rate measurement in elderly cohorts and provide a rationale for individual physical activity interventions and

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