Spatial dynamics of ecosystem services and biodiversity hotspots in boreal forests

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Project start date01/01/2020

Project end date31/12/2022


Forests provide several crucial ecosystem services including timber, climate regulation and recreation among others. The boreal biome is of utmost importance for delivering those services as it represents approximately one-third of remaining global forests. The boreal forests also harbor unique and valuable biodiversity. In order to ensure the provision of ecosystem services and maintenance of biodiversity it is important to (i) assess their current state and temporal trends (are they degrading or improving?), (ii) identify hotspots or areas that are good at maintaining ecosystem services and biodiversity through time (iii) evaluate how effective are protected areas in covering the hotspots and (iv) forecast and assess the impacts of future threats. In this project, I will focus on the two most forested boreal countries, Finland and Sweden. First, I will assess the state of key boreal forest ecosystem services (timber production, collectable goods, climate regulation and scenic beauty) as well as biodiversity indicators (volume of deadwood and species habitat availability) and their temporal trends. Second, I will identify areas that are good at maintaining ecosystem services and biodiversity under current conditions. Then, I will identify ecosystem services and hotspots and assess how well current protected areas cover these hotspots. Finally, I will investigate how the provision of ES and maintenance of biodiversity will be affected by human actions tackling future challenges (e.g., policy aiming at increasing levels of energy production from forest wood). For that I will create future bioenergy scenarios and I will evaluate the impacts of those scenarios on the provision of ES and the maintenance of biodiversity. From a scientific point of view, this project will advance the general understanding of the relationship between boreal forest ecosystem services and biodiversity. From an applied perspective, the results will be the first assessment at broad scale on how well ecosystem services are represented within protected areas. Moreover, this research aims to provide relevant information for policy-makers and managers of boreal forests as it will explore how to obtain timber in a sustainable way and how to make it compatible with other important services and biodiversity assets.

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