Ekologinen kompensaatio oikeudenmukaisessa siirtymässä kohti luonnon kokonaisheikentymättömyyttä (BOOST)


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Hankkeen aloituspäivämäärä: 01.10.2021

Hankkeen päättymispäivämäärä: 30.09.2024


Human well-being is unconditionally dependent on ecosystems and biodiversity. There is unequivocal scientific consensus about the ongoing environmental crisis and a strong global political ambition to halt biodiversity loss. Still, we are systematically failing with national-level implementation: globally none of the Aichi biodiversity targets designed to stop biodiversity loss by 2020 were met. In Finland, the momentum to step up the implementation of biodiversity safeguarding exists as the current programme of the Government has agreed to pilot the use of biodiversity offsetting and assess the need for legislative reform. The aim of the work proposed here is to facilitate the mainstreaming and enabling of just transition towards adoption of biodiversity offsets in Finland and globally.

In biodiversity offsetting (ecological compensation), biodiversity losses due to ecologically harmful human activity are compensated by producing equal gains elsewhere. Generally, the target is set to No Net Loss or Net Positive Impact of biodiversity. Often repeated problems with offsets include conceptual disagreements, scepticism due to lack of demonstrated success, lack of skills and institutional capacity for design and implementation, lack of regulation and administrative practices, and lack of incentives for adoption. Despite such challenges, unavoidable global human population growth will lead to increasing consumption and infrastructure development, and the fact is that all damage to biodiversity simply cannot be avoided. Thus, the only currently known option to stop biodiversity loss, i.e., to reach no net loss, is to offset unavoidable ecological impacts.

In this project we will: i) develop means for a just transition towards no net loss in Finland, ii) scrutinize the changes needed for establishing a comprehensive biodiversity offsetting system into the Finnish environmental law, iii) formulate a feasible, operational approach to offsets and implement software for doing the calculations and reporting needed in real-life offsets projects, iv) build a national biodiversity offset register to monitor offset trades, v) develop an automated biodiversity impact accounting system and plug-in for any organization required to keep financial accounts, and vi) establish cities of Jyväskylä and Lahti as Living Labs to mainstream biodiversity offsetting in city land use.

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