BIODIFUL - Biodiversity Respectful Leadership (BIODIFUL)

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Project start date01/10/2021

Project end date30/09/2024


While biodiversity loss is increasingly recognized among academic society and media, it has received less interdisciplinary research attention than other sustainability challenges. In particular, the links between biodiversity and leadership – as regards to institutional, business or consumer leadership – remain largely unaddressed (Addison et al. 2020). BIODIFUL consortium fills this scientific and societal gap by addressing Biodiversity-respectful Leadership. We build conceptual and practical bridges between the hitherto largely disconnected fields of biodiversity and leadership research with our truly interdisciplinary approach that combines natural and human sciences in close collaboration.
The scientific objective of BIODIFUL is to radically reformulate business thinking, institutional practices and consumption patterns via biodiversity-respectful leadership. While leadership is often attributed to organizations’ senior figures, we view leadership as a competence attribute that any individual, in any professional role in a public and private organization, can develop. We argue that the accelerating biodiversity loss can be reversed with a biodiversity-respectful leadership paradigm that needs to be cultivated not just among current managers and employees but also future leaders facing the consequences of the global ecological crisis, such as COVID19-pandemic.

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