Research consortium to develop safe and broadly acting antiviral drugs (ANTIVIRAL)

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Project start date01/01/2022

Project end date31/12/2023


Viruses cause a huge economic burden to both developed and under-developed countries all over the world. Many
important epidemics and pandemics are caused by viruses for which we have no vaccines. Enteroviruses are the most
common human viruses causing an immense global disease burden with a wide spectrum of symptoms ranging from a
mild flu-like illness to severe systemic infections with high mortality rate. Of the 116 enteroviruses present in Europe
today, about 45 have emerged during the last ten years indicating that we also need therapies, in addition to future
vaccines, in order to treat the newly emerging types of enteroviruses. In addition to enteroviruses, there are several
other important RNA viruses such as rotavirus, noroviruses and human coronaviruses. Presently, there are no clinically
proven antivirals against enteroviruses and only one drug, remdesivir, for coronaviruses approved by FDA. A large
recent human trial on hospitalized patients performed in 30 countries showed unfortunately low efficacy for remdesivir.
We therefore need to develop novel, broadly acting, efficient antivirals to combat these viruses. Such antivirals can
fulfill two purposes. Firstly, they can lower the exposure to virus in the environment, e.g. lowering the chances of us
picking them up from surfaces, hands, air etc. Secondly, administered as drugs, they would drastically reduce the
difficult symptoms from ongoing infections and shorten the periods of intensive care.

Our ANTIVIRAL team will find out the molecular mechanisms of the most promising broadly acting antiviral hits
already discovered by the team in order to develop safe and efficient antivirals against this larger group of viruses. The
ANTIVIRAL team is based on strong expertise in fundamental virology, structural studies, and molecular screening
with proven collaboration. The team is complemented with excellent international network of drug screening and drug
development to fight COVID19 and other.

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