Lookout - new directions of expertise. Coaching for creative professionals to cope with the corona crisis (Lookout)

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According to various studies, the creative sector has suffered the most from the decline in business caused by Covid- 19, in addition to air transport. Students and recent graduates in the fields of culture and the arts have also suffered particularly much in Central Finland from the situation caused by the corona: internships related to studies have been canceled or postponed, summer jobs in the field have been difficult to find and no jobs can be found in their field. However, know-how in the creative sector is needed and can be utilized in other industries as well. The project is looking for SMEs in the key development areas of Central Finland (bio economy, digitalization, knowledge economy, welfare economy and tourism) to which know-how in the creative sector can be exported. The project also cross - pollinates the skills of students in the creative and strategic important industries with the help of the Impossible Task competition and the Labor Market campaign.
In order to provide know-how to related industries, creative professionals need to identify and commercialize their own skills, be able to apply them to the needs of different industries and be able to articulate them in a way that arouses interest and understanding in other industries. In addition, new cooperatives, businesses, and employment-promoting communities emerge as students network with each other across educational institutions and levels of education. The theme of sustainable development is taken into account in such coaching workshops.
The main goal of the project is to find new employment opportunities for graduating and final-time students both a) outside their own field and b) in new companies, cooperatives and communities created by networking across student institutions.
In addition, the project aims to strengthen the confidence of creative students and recent graduates in their own employment, learn to productize, articulate and apply their own skills, open networks with other creative students and actors, and broaden the understanding of applying their own skills to related industries. The project networks final-year students and recent graduates of Central Finnish creative institutions (Gradia, JAMK, University of Jyväskylä, Humak) as well as the staff of the educational institutions and also with strategic important industries and those students who are studying those industries.
The measures of the project are: 1. Coaching workshops, 2. Colliding SMEs in development sectors with students in the creative and strategic important industries, 3. Exploring new forms of employment and employment-supporting operating models (evaluating the functioning of cooperatives and the so-called alliance model), 4. the Labor Market
campaign, 5. Evaluation of measures and 6. Dissemination of results, implementation and planning of follow-up.
One of the main results of the project is the creation of new job and internship opportunities in the top development areas of Central Finland. In addition, end-of-life and graduate students from different educational institutions network with each other and with students in cutting-edge industries, setting up companies, cooperatives and employment- facilitating communities. Thanks to the project’s coaching workshops, students learn to productize and articulate their own skills and open up an understanding of applying their own skills to cutting-edge industries. As a result of the project, the network work of the creative schools in Central Finland (Gradia, JAMK, University of Jyväskylä, Humak) will be intensified and it will find a lot of common ground with SMEs in key development sectors.
Various publications will be prepared on the results of the project. The project publications are openly available primarily on the project website, but information on the project publications is actively provided to the general public as well as to professional publications.

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