Toolbox for digital growth (Grow2d)

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Project start date: 01/02/2022

Project end date: 30/09/2022


The operational industrial environment of CENT, UOULU and KUCC is unique as it encompasses numerous agri-food related companies working in various domain areas and has the need for digitalization. Although these small companies constitute the main pillar of regional employment, their potential for innovation is often comparatively limited to challenges like (1) Companies have low digitalization level, (2) Companies needing help for more digital / Industry4.0 enhancements, and (3) Companies needing help for their internal working processes. For us as a consortium that aims to provides services, it does not give enough critical mass for building knowledge capacity for their specific needs as the SME sector is very diverse. Also, the need of reformation of services has increased during the global Covid-19 pandemic over the last two years. Hence, through this small budget project and time-line of the project, we aim to only focus in developing our RI-DIH website into a main collaboration platform by leveraging the best technologies like AI etc that will provide services for agri-food companies. The services we aim to focus on also will be limited in this project. The services we are mainly focussing in are Economy and Entrepreneurship, Product and Service development, and Production and process development. Therefore, the Grow2d project, through the knowledge in agri-food industry, will be active in identifying synergies between Research and large industry in that acts as a boost to support developing SMEs in the region to set the scale of the knowledge development and develop the model for knowledge and technology transfer as well.
Project supports the EU’s priority and new strategy called “Shaping Europe’s Digital Future” which aims that every citizen, employee and business to stand a fair chance to reap the benefits of digitalisation as stated by Executive Vice-President Margrethe Vestager and Commissioner Thierry Breton in a conference call 19-Feb-2020.
The core idea of this project is to understand the customer needs well in one domain of service areas and offer those services in the most efficient way. Each region constitutes of various needs and we in this project believe that aligning to the customer needs is vital. Hence in this project a test pilot will be developed that will be also validated by companies in various regions. This test pilot will take the RI-DIH platform further to developing these services in a more concrete manner after the completion of the project. The core outlined idea of our project consist of 3 main phases as shown in the figure below: (1) Technological base, (2) Analysis Tool-Box, and (3) Best Service delivered

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