Web-based ACT for Parents of Children with Chronic conditions: A Randomized Controlled Trial (UUPU)

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Funder's project number18/26/2018

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Project start date22/01/2019

Project end date31/03/2021


Chronic conditions in children are associated with parent symptoms of burnout, depression and decreased quality of life. These symptoms are more frequent among parents of children with chronic conditions, compared with parents in general. Furthermore, long-term stress can lead to some form of chronic stress reaction or burnout. Burnout is often the result of ineffective coping with long-term stressors. The aim of this study is to investigate the effectiveness of two interventions on stress and burnout among parents of children with chronic conditions.The study group will be offered a web-based intervention based on acceptance and commitment therapy. The second group, serving as a control group, will be offered an intervention based on psychoeducation. Parents' self-reported distress including symptoms of burnout and depression, quality of life, as well as psychological flexibility, mindfulness skills and cognitive strategies will be assessed.

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