Posting of Third Country Nationals: Mapping the Trend in the Construction Sector (Con3Post) (Con3Post)

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Project start date01/01/2019

Project end date31/12/2020


This is a project on the emerging phenomena of “re-posting” of third country nationals. Evidence from the field suggests that an increasing number of workers posted to provide services in the EU construction sector are third country nationals. Reports from key stakeholders, such as employers’ associations, trade unions, labour inspectors, as well as the posted workers themselves, suggest that there are at least three geographical third country national (TCN) recruitment flows for re-posting to other Member States. These include: from the Western Balkans through Slovenia, from the Northern Africa through Italy and from the non-EU Eastern Europe through Poland (probably primarily from the Ukraine, but other sending states play a role as well). On the receiving end are countries in Central, Western and Northern Europe. Reports from unions, labour inspectors and NGOs suggest there that re-posting raises labour rights challenges that are greater than typical posting. If TCNs can be reposted, it also raises questions as to the reciprocal nature of EU free movement, which may bring political backlash. in light of this, the project seeks to further identify and map this trend, depict the existing and emerging challenges of such recruitment for key stakeholders. It seeks to identify the challenges raised by this form of posting, propose potential policy solutions, and disseminate this information to stakeholders through workshops, reports and engagement throughout the period of project activity.

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