SALMUS. Salmonids Fish and Freshwater Pearl Mussel – Ecosystem Services and Biodiversity in the Green Belt of Fennoscandia (SALMUS)

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Funder's project numberKO1017

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Project start date01/03/2019

Project end date31/08/2022


ENI-CBC Kolarctic project.
Objective of the project is conservation of the biodiversity and the threatened red listed species freshwater pearl mussel and salmonid fish in the watersheds of the Green Belt of Fennoscandia. While saving and improving the state of the aquatic ecosystems our project at the same time aims to raise people socio-economic well-being by developing sustainable blue bioeconomies in the region.
The specific goals include location the unknown freshwater pearl mussel populations, evaluation of the state of the freshwater pearl mussel and salmonid fish populations, and the main anthropogenic impacts on river ecosystems, estimation of the ecosystem services provided by the freshwater pearl mussel and salmonid fishes and biodiversity linked to them, preparation of catchment level action plans for restoring the freshwater pearl mussel and salmonid fish habitats, development of new techniques for improving the state of the declining freshwater pearl mussel populations, and saving those in immediate thread of extinction, testing techniques and practices of captive breeding of juvenile mussels and finding facilities (e.g. fish farm) for largescale mussel cultivation, and dissemination of information and raise awareness of the ecological importance of threatened freshwater pearl mussels and salmonid fish in the Green Belt of Fennoscandia.
Lead partner is Metsähallitus, Park and Wildlife Lapland. Other partners include JYU, Luke, Alleco Ltd., Karelian Research Centre (KRC), (Russia), PINRO, (Russia), Pasvik zapovednik, (Russia), Paanajärvi National Park, (Russia), Baltic Fund for Nature (BFN), (Russia), Kostamuksha zapovednik, (Russia), NIBIO (Svanhovd), (Norway) and County Administrative Board of Norrbotten (CABN), (Sweden).
Project runs from 1.1.2018 to 31.12.2020. Total budget is around 2 million euros, and JYU budget around 300.000 euros, overheads 7% and self-financing 10%.

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