Educating the Evaluative Soul? Enactments and Pupils’ Lived Experiences of the Politics of the Pupil Self-evaluation. (EdSoul)

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Project start date: 01/05/2022

Project end date: 31/08/2023


In line with the trends of evaluation society and self-regulative learning theories, we have witnessed a revolutionary expansion of a routinely-practiced pupil self-evaluation in education. EdSoul examines the current politics of pupil self-evaluation and the enactment of it in the daily practices of schooling and pupils' experience. It claims that pupil self-evaluation is not a neutral part of the learning process, but an operation of a subjectifying power as well. It plays a role in the shaping of a subject made docile to the requirements of the western evaluation society. EdSoul studies ethnographically how this power is being enacted in schools and experienced by pupils. It will open a new scientific discussion on pupil self-evaluation, which provides significant knowledge and understanding for the reflexive development of educational theories, policies and practices acknowledging the ignored effects of pupil self-evaluation on pupils’ subjectivities and experiences.

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