Wisdom in Practice: Developing Wisdom through Work-Integrated Higher Education (WiP)

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Project start date01/09/2022

Project end date31/08/2026


Along with the growing complexity of modern societies and the urgent need to balance the contradictory demands of production, economy, social justice and the environment, we face increasingly ‘wicked problems’ that are difficult to solve because of complex interdependencies. The aim of this project is to investigate how professionals face these multifaceted problems and, on that basis, develop pedagogy in higher education (HE) to prepare graduates capable of addressing those problems in the world of work. In this project, these capacities are referred to as ‘wisdom in practice’.
This project integrates theoretical-philosophical traditions of research on wisdom with empirical research on professionals addressing complex problems. This knowledge informs the development of pedagogical practices for enhancing wisdom. The project is rooted in the emerging research on wisdom pedagogy, and the recent developments of the Integrative Pedagogy (IP) model, which integrates theoretical and practical knowing, metacognitive skills, socio-cultural knowledge, and emotions.
The project is divided to three work packages (WP) with interrelated goals. WP1 ‘Conceptualizing wisdom in practice’ aims at corroborating the theoretical basis of ‘wisdom in practice’. WP2 ‘Investigating wisdom in professional practice’ aims at examining experts’ collaborative pursuit of wisdom in the fields of information and communication technology (ICT), education (E), and health care (HC). WP3 ‘Developing wisdom in higher education’ aims at developing HE pedagogies to promote ‘wisdom in practice’ in the fields of ICT, E and HC.
The project will apply the following data collection and analysis methods: WP1: The theoretical basis will be corroborated through a dialogue with the research literature, informed by empirical studies. WP2: The main data consists of focus group interviews from experts in Finland, Switzerland and Australia in ICT, E and HC. WP3: Work-related study modules in HE will be piloted in ICT, E and HC, following the IP model, and reflections on the study modules will be collected. In WP2 and WP3, qualitative approaches based on thematic analysis and analysis of narratives will be applied.
In terms of anticipated results and impact, the study contributes to elaborated theoretical understandings about wisdom in practice (WP1); empirical knowledge of how professionals face wicked problems (WP2) and pedagogical innovations for higher education (WP3).

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