Artistic residency in conjunction with the project Indirect Philosophy as a Form of Resistance (HARMAA)

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Project start date: 01/08/2022

Project end date: 31/10/2022


What can philosophy and the visual arts offer to the so-called post-truth era, which is characterized by the rise
of populism, drifting of different social groups into defensive positions and separate media realities? HARMAA
wants to instigate a movement that works as a counterforce for the contemporary culture of aggression and
manipulation. Our aim is to make room for thinking in the “interspace” between “yes” and “no” and endorse
“soft tactics” even in social media, in distinction to the currently popular tactics of provocation. The American
artist Kate Stone will extend our project by exploring the line between reality and fantasy as well as truth and
lies. She creates artistic worlds that play with the suspension of disbelief typical of the audience’s engagement
with animations, and thereby provides another kind of approach to the themes of uncertainty and in-between.
Her subtle artistic expression has an affinity with the styles of expression of the other group members, but, as
something that we do not have in our group as of yet, is working with photographs and combinations of handdrawn
and three-dimensional stop-motion animations. Also, Stone’s delicate use of sound in the creation of
psychic spaces helps investigate the ambiguous undercurrents of social unrest. Her work looks for beauty in
miscommunication and meaning within inaccuracies, opening a humorous vista to the problems of the posttruth
era. Her contribution to the project include a short animation and collage images, which will be presented
on the website of HARMAA as well as in an art exhibition.

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post-truth era, interdisciplinary, visual arts, philosophy

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