Team Hub! - Delivering sustainability to the e-commerce supply chain (Team Hub)

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Funder's project number: 101052287

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Project start date: 01/08/2022

Project end date: 31/07/2024


The project aims at analyzing ongoing transformation in logistics triggered by technological changes and entrance in the market of new players, especially concerning the growth of e-commerce activities.
In turn, these developments affect the presence and functioning of the necessary physical infrastructures (storehouses, hubs, ports), and working conditions, especially in terms of skills and contents of related occupations, increasingly affected by digitalization and automation.
For instance, automation of loading and unloading activities in ports is leading on the one side to reduce labour demand, and, on the other side to upskill manual work. At the same time, digitalization of activities in logistic hubs and storehouses, combined with growth of e-commerce activities, is increasing demand for storehouse workers (and delivery workers), while rendering these occupations more monotonous and repetitive.
The general objectives are: (i) improve knowledge on sectorial and occupation trends at country, European and global level; (ii) promote awareness and mutual learning on practices implemented by unions to increase their membership, organize workers and advance their requests; (iii) elaborate policy proposals targeting unions, social dialogue and firms in a way to address and influence trends concerning investments, employment and working conditions; (iv) promote activities and presence of unions in the areas most affected by changes.

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