The datafication of media work (DataMedia): Implications for job demands and resources, well-being, and professional identities

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Project start date01/01/2023

Project end date31/12/2024


The DataMedia project takes organizational communication perspective to study the datafication of media work. This is important as the datafication of audiences and journalistic products is not only disrupting the cultivation of publics in news production (Christin, 2020) but also reducing the qualitative representations of processes and journalists into quantifiable metrics (Christin, 2017; Newman et al., 2020), potentially dehumanizing work experiences (Fritts & Cabrera, 2021; Väyrynen & Laari-Salmela, 2018). An organizational communication perspective allows us to go beyond audience analytics and investigate the ways in which the datafied nature of journalistic work affects media workers perceived job resources and demands, professional identities, and ultimately the quality of journalistic products that are created in these circumstances. Hence, the overarching aim of the project is to study to investigate how datafication impacts the work conditions and professional identities of media workers, and ultimately their wellbeing and journalistic products.

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