Skills2Capabilties (Skills2Capabilties )

Main funder

Funder's project number: 101094758

Funds granted by main funder (€)

  • 194 268,71

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Project timetable

Project start date: 01/10/2022

Project end date: 30/09/2025


Skills2Capabilities will enable policymakers to better understand, measure and reduce skills mismatches thereby supporting the diffusion and adoption of innovation, the digital and green transitions, inclusive economic growth as well as individual wellbeing. By looking at skills supply, demand and mismatch in differing labour market regimes it is possible to assess the extent to which systems which are more oriented towards developing individuals’ capabilities are better able to satisfy the skill needs of economy and society. The project will also explore the extent to which skills mismatch is associated with individual well-being and how the relationship between skills mismatch and individual subjective well-being is embedded in different socio-economic contexts (as this is a potentially important aspect of skill mismatches). The project will support the objectives of the European Skills Agenda for Sustainable Competitiveness, Social Fairness and Resilience as regards to VET and AL. A

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