Quality and relevance of education in Central Ostrobothnia (KOLO-KP) (KOLO-KP)

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Funder's project numberAKKE050

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  • 34 323,00

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Project start date01/02/2024

Project end date31/12/2024


The project will find out where degree students come to Central Ostrobothnia to complete their vocational, university of applied sciences and university degrees and where they will be placed regionally and professionally after completing their degree. In order to assess the situation in Central Ostrobothnia, comparative data is also collected from other provinces in Finland. Based on the collected data, evaluations of the educational institutions' success in their tasks are presented and development recommendations are given for them.

The project is needed to promote the availability of skilled labor in Central Ostrobothnia and also throughout Finland. It is important that the business world has at its disposal enough skilled labor in all parts of Finland. A comprehensive study of the regional and professional placement of graduates in Central Ostrobothnia, looking at all education levels in the same interpretation framework, has not been done so far, so more information on this matter is necessary.

The survey is carried out by analyzing the materials of the Vipunen information service of the Finnish National Agency for Education. Comprehensive basic information is available from the Vipunen to achieve the project's goals. The results of the statistical survey are analyzed and the interpretations are clarified in the meetings of the project's steering group.

The activities and results of the project will be reported as a publication published by Kokkola University Consortium Chydenius, which will be freely available through the online service of the publication archive of the University of Jyväskylä.

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