Leading multicultural learning community II: education for educational professionals leading multicultural learning communities (MOKU II)

Main funder

Funder's project number: 131/2471/2018

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  • 37 934,00

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Project start date: 15/04/2019

Project end date: 30/04/2021


The project enacts government funded professional development education by advancing the learning and capacity of education staff, and by supporting the enactment of government's education policy reforms by deepening education staff's leadership capacity in multiculturalism and -linguism. The target group is educational leaders who meet with challenges of multiculturalism in their work and long for support for their capacity. The extent of the education is 5 ECTS and duration 14 months. The education comprises of two two-day contact sessions and two online sessions. In the sessions, participants deepen their understanding and capacity to lead multicultural learning communities supported with research and practice. During the education, participants assemble to themselves a toolbox of good practices and operations models with which they can develop the everyday of their professional communities.

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