Silver Economy & Smart Textiles

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Funder's project number: 862/31/2019

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  • 57 800,00

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Project start date: 01/05/2019

Project end date: 30/11/2019


The project combines two trends: the preventive healthcare and wellbeing of the 50+ population and the new personal data-based wellbeing services and products. The baby-boom generations are aging and creating a massive resource challenge for the public healthcare sector. For these generations the new technologies may prove to be somewhat challenging and should therefore be made as user friendly as possible. Such technologies would have a huge potential market in the preventive healthcare and wellbeing, which is crucial for societal welfare in the future. One of the problems is that even measuring technologies which have been approved as medical devices are lacking critical size field studies and among different user groups. Thus these technologies may not yet be validated and companies cannot commercialize them for consumer markets. From the perspective of different technology companies, these needs will be explored in this co-creation project.
This project aims to provide an initial understanding of what kind of commercial smart textile products, services and innovations should be developed from the most advanced current body measuring technologies in order to keep the 50+ population conveniently healthier in the middle of their everyday life. The project will continue as a co-innovation project, and the final results and its commercialization will be tools for personalized wellbeing and measuring and using one’s own health data. The upcoming co-innovation project will have a significant impact on the creation of new global business. This project helps the Finnish research institutes and companies to be early specialists on this market. The project will also speed up the development and commercialization of the new field, and enable a start for a Europe-wide business network for global markets.

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