Bodily movement and sustaining quality of life in old age (VITALSIGN)

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Active aging has been identified as a policy target by the WHO. One of the enablers of active aging is physical ability, which is closely related to physical activity. Physical ability as it pertains to active aging is currently typically assessed using a walking test such as the 400 m walk. However, it has been noted that people are able to compensate for developing age-related disability in a walking test and a walking test may note be a sufficiently sensitive marker of physical ability in the context of active aging. In contrast, habitual physical activity and sedentary behaviour measured with accelerometers start changing from 30 years of age onward and do not exhibit any apparent compensation to age-related functional decline on the population level. Hence physical activity and sedentary behaviour could serve as biomarkers of the ability of an individual to age actively and to live independently. Therefore, the aim of the proposed program of research is to investigate whether physical activity and sedentary behaviour are indicators of the ability to cope with demands activities of daily living and the ability to remain independent. In specific, it will be examined 1) whether physical activity and sedentary behaviour differs between older individuals living independently, in assisted living and in residential care, and 2) whether physical activity and sedentary behaviour are prospective predictors for moving from independent living to assisted living or assisted living to residential care. The findings of the programme of research can be use to inform policy regarding assisted living. In particular, the findings will inform whether or not it is feasible for an individual with a particular physical activity and sedentary behaviour profile to age actively without assistance.

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