Just transition: tackling inequalities on the way to a sustainable, healthy and climate-neutral food system (JUST-FOOD)

The research was funded by Strategic Research Council at the Research Council of Finland.

Main funder

Funder's project number327369

Funds granted by main funder (€)

  • 870 249,00

Funding program

Project timetable

Project start date01/06/2019

Project end date28/02/2023


JUST-FOOD explores the ecological, economic and social effects of the food system transition process and develops means for making the transition to a healthy and carbon neutral food system just, sustainable, and socially and politically acceptable. JUST-FOOD introduces the concept of a just transition to the food system and transition research. It supports policy makers in policy design and implementation by providing them with knowledge about preconditions of just transition, evaluation tools for renewing the food system and scientifically grounded arguments for promoting required food policy measures. JUST-FOOD builds pathways to a just food system transition with strong engagement of stakeholders at multiple levels from consumption to production and processing, and from policy-making to practice.

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