Biovalley Finland (Biovalley)

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Funder's project numberA75118

Funds granted by main funder (€)

  • 452 840,00

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Project start date01/06/2019

Project end date31/08/2023


The aim of the Biovalley Finland project is to promote an internationally attractive ecosystem. Biovalley attracts new business, jobs and investments. The three industries (chemical industry, primary production and mining industries) operate synergically in an area with strong circular economy.
The activities of the Biovalley Finland Consortium will change from project-based cooperation to a permanent contractbased approach. The project will jointly support research and development in the area and product development of companies. The project will contribute to the development and implementation of smart specialization in Central Ostrobothnia. It supports the activities in the Platform for Industrial Modernisation, as well as those Thematic Smart Specialisation Partnerships, in which the Central Ostrobothnia region is participating.
Biovalley Finland promotes the region and enhances its visibility by producing and delivering information, and organising events, such as Kokkola Material Week, together with all actors. The project supports new circular economy by modeling the proof of concept of selected new innovations.
The Biovalley Finland framework agreement combines the expertise of 23 partners. The consortium is coordinated by Kokkola University Consortium Chydenius. The agreement supports national and European goals in building clusters of expertise. The Biovalley contract is renewed during the project and an international Advisory Board is established.
The expected impacts of project are increased attractiveness of the region, new enterprises and new experts entering the region, as well as increased international contacts and visibility.

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