Laser Ionization and Spectroscopy of Actinide elements (LISA)


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Hankkeen päättymispäivämäärä31.10.2023


The LISA (Laser Ionisation and Spectroscopy of Actinides) consortium aims to bring together world-leading experts in radioactive ion beam research and applications, laser spectroscopy, scientific laser technologies and atomic theorists with the goal of vastly improving our understanding of the atomic and nuclear properties of the chemical elements known as the actinides. In addition to the value of this activity for the fields of fundamental atomic and nuclear physics, broadly speaking, knowledge of the nuclear properties of any isotope is a pre-requisite for its practical applications, whilst the atomic properties of the element govern its chemical behaviour and are crucial to its identification and handling.

The actinides, which are located towards the end of Mendeleyev’s table, offer some of the most exciting and challenging opportunities for multidisciplinary science: fundamental nuclear structure research, astrophysics, atomic physics and chemistry. Applications derived from basic research have an important impact on our daily lives. The actinides in particular have been highlighted as a key performance indicator within the nuclear fuel cycle and are of great interest in the field of innovative medical treatment and diagnosis using radioisotopes.

Led by several of the most accomplished researchers in this field, LISA will recruit and train 15 early stage researchers (ESR) at the some of the best universities, research facilities and most innovative companies in Europe. Our collaboration partners outside of Europe will participate in training and host ESR secondments, giving the project a global presence. By developing and applying novel methods and apparatus to overcome the various technical challenges for actinide research, LISA will continue the recent momentum in this field and address the breadth of missing knowledge of these elements.

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