Utilization of digitalization and IoT in water usage an supply ecosystems (DiVes)

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Project start date: 01/06/2019

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Clean water is the world's most important resource. Producing clean water for people in need and using it has required the development of complex systems and processes over time. It is possible to utilize new technology to produce, process and manage clean water production. By specifically targeting information technology, cities can be developed to be smarter and more sustainable, for example in their water supply services.

At the moment, Finland's water supply services are undoubtedly one of the world's leading suppliers. However, maintaining a good level of water supply requires continuous effort and development. As the technical investments in water supply are long-lasting, the development of water supply systems needs to be looked at in a far-reaching manner, and the development of information technology must also be taken into account. Water-related digital knowledge, as part of Cleantech, can be further developed and exported.

IoT's essence is to connect different devices and things to each other and to the Internet through various networks. Devices and things, by communicating with each other, create new services for communication and information exchange. Several different aspects of water supply are affected by the development of technology and IoT. The areas are often repeated similarly elsewhere, so locally implemented pilots and experiments can produce potentially innovations, methods, processes, services, etc. that can be marketed and exported abroad.

The concept of intelligent water management is not just observing and monitoring the water from stock to consumption, or to simply read the end customer's consumption data. It could be seen to extend to the sources of water and from the processing and distribution to consumption and further back to the processing. At the heart of everything, however, is the intelligent flow of information in a smart water cycle that is produced by information technology solutions.

Cleantech, "clean technology" means products, services, processes and technologies that promote the sustainable use of natural resources and prevent or reduce the negative environmental impact of business. Water-related expertise is seen as part of cleantech, and in Finland there are often large-scale risks associated with water and negative environmental impacts, such as in the different fields of mining. In addition, agriculture in the Central Ostrobothnia region needs to focus now and in the future to e.g. water management, for example by taking into account the circular economy solutions.

The aim of the DIVES project is to identify the state and challenges of water usage and supply ecosystems of water-related operators in Central Ostrobothnia and to produce new, applied research-based information on technologies, methods and processes for digitalization and cleantech, related to water monitoring, treatment and clean water production, distribution and treatment. Also, promote the sustainable use of water resources and prevent the negative environmental impacts of different water-related operations. The project aims to familiarize with IoT technologies, its possibilities to improve water supply and clean water solutions, and the ecosystems that are used or could be used in the water supply sector, and implement various pilots with water-related operators in search of new, effective ways of working in the future. The goal is also to expand and improve the University's wireless technologies and the IoT’s R&D environment through smart specialization for a new field of industry and to be utilized by new entities and partners.

As a result of the project, the latest information on the water know-how of the area and the state of the water ecosystems is available. In addition, new know-how and knowledge about the application of digitalization and IoT are available, as well as solutions related to cleantech for water expertise area. As a result, the University's wireless technologies and IoT's R&D environment develops and expands through smart specialization for a new field of industry and new entities. Collaboration with new operators will increase and digitalization and wireless technology know-how will be combined by creating a new center of excellence in the areas of water expertise. By expanding and utilizing the R&D environment, new pilots can be created that will enable the production of new knowledge and expertise for the center of expertise and its partners, as well as the emergence of new innovations and business ideas. As a whole, the project will provide a new environment for research, education and development related to water, wireless technologies and IoT.

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