Art, ecology and diverse human - nature relationship - Towards a shared future

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Project start date: 01/03/2020

Project end date: 31/12/2022


We humans have become distanced from nature, yet we feel climate anxiety. In this project, we study the relationship between humans and nature and pay special attention to the diversity of nature. We are also interested in the diverse ways that the relationship of humans and nature has been represented in cultural products. We ask how humans could be brought closer to nature and seeks ways to make people realize nature's diversity before it is too late. Is it possible to ease climate anxiety or to make people want to protect nature’s diversity with the help of art? We ask if it is possible to bring urban people closer to nature by creating spaces where nature can be experienced in a multi-sensory way and by creating new cultural meanings in which human is equal to nature.

The project’s approach is genuinely interdisciplinary. It combines ecological research with humanities and social sciences. The first one studies the structures of nature and asks how nature works while the second one studies people’s experiences and cultural processes. In the project we develop research that draws from both scientific traditions on both methodological and theoretical level. As methods we use survey, reception study, representation analysis and artistic-ecological interventions. The research project’s aim is to produce knowledge that helps to profoundly understand the reciprocal relationship of humans and nature and the diversity of both nature and culture.

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diversity, human - nature relationship, climate change, art, representation, experience, posthumanism, participatory research, arts-based research, film, affect, endangeredness, mass extinction, environment, ecology, sensory

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