A holy place? Discourses and place embeddedness of Finnish human-nature relationship

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Project start date: 01/01/2020

Project end date: 28/02/2021


The state of ecosystems is deteriorating everywhere on Earth. The global environmental crisis is driven by the interaction between human population growth and excessive use of natural resources, which are supported by the values and norms of the society. These, in turn, are reflected in discourses that are linked to nature and the environment, and embody our understanding of nature and our relationship to nature. A holy place? -project studies the diversity of discourses tied to Finnish human-nature relationship. Some of the discourses encourage a more sustainable lifestyle and others do not. The discourses are studied using methodologies from natural and the social sciences, humanities, and performative art. Our case study site, Hitonhauta protected area in Central Finland, acts as a stage for both research and artistic performance. The research focuses on the protected area itself, and to three groups of people: the working group of the project, the audience of the performance, and the general public. By using a case study approach we can gain in depth insight into the definitions of Finnish nature relationship, using qualitative and quantitative research methods and expressions of flamenco and butoh dance. The aim of the project is to combine research and art in an honest manner. We will create a performance which expresses the multiple and complex forms and dimensions of nature relationship, and challenges the dancers and the audience to reflect on their own experience and become aware of their beliefs and thoughts. The performance takes place on the study site, as part of Jyväskylän Kesä city festival.

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