Effective digital pathway to improve work- and general functioning among patients with persistent and multiple symptoms (DigiPimo)

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Project start date: 01/10/2019

Project end date: 30/09/2023


Some people experience symptoms that become persistent and multiple in nature impairing work and general functioning without a cleat medical or environmental reason. These syndromes are called functional syndromes and they are encountered on all levels of the health care system. Estimates of the frequency of functional syndromes
among patients in basic and specialized healthcare vary from 10 to 50 % percent. The cost for healthcare and social security as well as decrease in work productivity and the negative effect for well-being are substantial. On an international level, it has been estimated that the cost of functional syndromes is close to that of mental health services and rehabilitation costs of disorders that burden public health. At the moment, there are no scientifically proven methods available in the Finnish healthcare system that were targeting those with functional symptoms. International research offers consistent support for using psycho-social approaches in rehabilitation of functional syndromes. There are also encouraging results for using web-based acceptance and commitment therapy interventions in the treatment of anxiety and chronic pain among others. There are considerable regional differences in the availability of rehabilitation and in the level of experience among healthcare professional providing treatment and rehabilitation in Finland. Therefore it is important to investigate the efficacy of web-based interventions among this target group.

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